Documents Certified by Local Secretary of State for Kuwait

The US Arab Chamber of Commerce provides expedited legalization service for corporate documents certified by local Secretary of State office in all 50 States.

If you still need to obtain Secretary of State certification for your documents, please click here

USACC will provides the following certifications:

  • Obtain authentication from US State Department in DC.
  • Obtain document legalization from Embassy of Kuwait in DC.

Service Requested First Document Each Additional Document Processing Time
Expedited service $80.00 $40.00 -
US Department of State $8.00 $8.00 4 business days
USACC Stamp- optional $35.00 $35.00 1 business days
Kuwait Embassy $25.00 $25.00 6 business days
Total $148.00 $108.00 11 business days

Important Note

  • The stamp of the US Arab Chamber Of Commerce is optional
  • The previous fees and instructions apply for corporate documents only. If you have documents for personal use, please click here.

Examples of State corporate documents

  • Affidavit
  • Agency Agreement
  • Assignment
  • Business Letter
  • Certificate of Status
  • Power of Attorney
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Letter of Resignation
  • Articles of Organization
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Merger
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Company Bylaws
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Board Resolution
  • Business License
  • Patent Assignment
  • Trademark Assignment
  • Certificate of existence
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Certified Copy of an ISO Certificate
How to order Expedited Embassy legalization for Kuwait?

You have to know what type of documents you have and follow the requirements for each type. After that, you may prepare an envelope and include the following items:

  • Documents destined for use in Kuwait following all the requirements.
  • Service request form including your basic contact information and destination country.
  • Check or Money Order with the total amount for all requested services- Payable to “ US Arab Chamber of Commerce”.
  • A prepaid return envelope with tracking number FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS
  • Send the package to our address at:

    U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce
    1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW, B1
    Washington DC - 20036
    T: (202) 468-4200
    Toll Free: 1-800-343-0302

Disclaimer: This website is presented by US Arab Chamber of Commerce to facilitate certifications of documents intended for use in Kuwait. US Arab Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington DC.